ARC Environmental is a professional Australian environmental consulting firm with over 25 years’ combined experience in all aspects of contaminated site investigations.

Our goal is to deliver efficient, outcome-based solutions to all clients across the public and private sectors.

We are respected throughout the industry for our dedicated local expertise, quality of service and holistic approach to workplace safety.

ARC Managing Principal Jay Parmansche is a Certified Site Contamination Practitioner.

The New South Wales, South Australian and Tasmanian EPA now require that any report submitted to the EPA must be prepared, or reviewed and approved by a certified practitioner, with the remaining states and territories likely to follow.

Our Approach


We are fully committed to providing healthy and safe working environments for all employees and contractors. We comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and all relevant guidelines and industry standards. The ARC Environmental HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) Management System requires that project-specific HSE Plans be developed prior to the commencement of every project.

Local Expertise

The regulatory and approvals environment can be a complicated area and expertise is essential to order to navigate it successfully. We have significant career experience working with environmental regulators, including the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Western Australian Department of Environment Regulation (DER), as well as a proven track record in navigating complex processes, liaising with regulators and delivering quality strategic advice.

Quality Assurance

ARC Environmental embraces the principles of quality assurance in all aspects of our service, providing clients with transparent and reliable solutions to environmental management issues. Our vision is to be the preferred environmental consultancy for clients and staff across the private and public sectors.