• Environmental Site Assessments

Our detailed local knowledge, exemplary standards and high level of staff training allow us to deliver quality work and innovative solutions for soil, sediment, surface and groundwater quality assessments, including Phase 1 or Phase 2 ESAs, Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs) and Detailed Site Investigations (DSI). We adopt methodologies consistent with state and national regulatory requirements for site characterisation.

  • Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Remediation

We maintain knowledge of current global expertise and trends to design remedial solutions within the local regulatory framework, including remediation options, feasibility planning, and the delivery and implementation of soil and groundwater clean-up plans and systems.

  • Remediation Validation

We supervise remediation works and undertake prescribed validation sampling and analyses to demonstrate that a site has been cleaned.

  • Underground Petroleum Storage System Management

We are industry leaders in the assessment, clean up and validation of impacted soil and groundwater associated with underground storage tanks and surrounding infrastructure, as well as tank removal and replacement programs.

  • Soil Vapour

In this rapidly shifting field, we apply emerging guidance and up-to-date knowledge to assess vapour intrusion risks, interpret data, and design and implement field investigations (e.g. soil-gas and sub-slab monitoring).

  • Asbestos

We conduct Asbestos identification, risk assessment, management and remediation work in accordance with the Western Australian Department of Health (DoH) Guidelines, as endorsed by the NEPM.

  • Environmental Management Planning

Our environmental management plans (EMPs) are tailored to identify and meet proponents’ environmental approval requirements, and can be aligned with corporate environmental management systems and policies—for either for short term construction projects or as part of long term in-situ management.