• Environmental Licence Compliance

    We monitor and report on site pollution, including effluent and emissions management, while ensuring compliance with licensing conditions. We also provide Annual Environmental Reports (AERs) and training for your staff in current monitoring practices.

  • Environmental Improvement Plans (EIP)

    We provide Environmental Improvement Plans, an effective tool to guide your company’s environmental performance. Designed to a process of continuous improvement, EIPs help achieve mutually agreed outcomes between licensees, environmental regulators and the community.

  • Regulatory Liaison and Advice

    We have extensive experience in regulatory liaison and community consultation and can assist clients to assess whether license conditions as prescribed by the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) are suitable in order to minimise risk to the environment.


We have thorough experience and understanding of the regulatory structures across Victoria and Western Australia:

  • Victoria

    • Environmental Protection Act 1970
    • Environmental Protection (Prescribed Premises and Exemptions) Regulations 2007
    • State Environmental Protection Policies (SEPP)
  • Western Australia

    • Environmental Protection Act 1986
    • Contaminated Sites Act 2003
    • Department of Environment Regulation (DER) Prescribed Premises and REFIRE