• Waste Soil Classification

    In accordance with guidelines and waste categorisation approaches, we have extensive experience in soil sampling for hazard categorisation purposes. We can advise on up-to-date testing requirements, interpret results and guide you through optimal soil management strategies and approaches.

    Additionally, we can oversee all aspects of municipal and commercial waste soil management, including generation, transportation, treatment and disposal for construction and demolition purposes, in accordance with the following state regulations:

  •  Victoria
    • IRWG621 (June 2009) Industrial Waste Resource Guidelines – Soil Hazard Categorisation and Management
  • Western Australia
    • DEC Landfill Waste Classification and Waste Definitions – as amended December 2009
  • Waste Soil Management

    Disposal to landfill is an increasingly cost prohibitive practice, and in the eyes of state environmental authorities, the least preferred management option for contaminated soil. We can provide client-specific advice on alternatives to off-site soil disposal, including on-site soil management.